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Mervin's Graphics

Well, hello! You have somehow wandered into my graphic's journal. I'm not as good as I would like to be, but I'm aspiring. This is just where I post icons, graphics I've prettied up, or images I have played with. There is currently absolutely no method to my madness, so don't ask where I get it.


I am deeply flattered if you want to use any of my graphics, because it must mean I'm doing something right! However, as they are mine, I feel I should put up some rules about 'em.

*You must credit. If you use an icon, I really don't care about the keywords--you're using them, you make up the keywords, but just put my name in the comments box. You don't have to hypertext it, either, just so long as you say who did it. I'm fine with either das_mervin or mervin_graphics. For colorbars and banners, just be sure to say where you got them somewhere. I work hard on some of these graphics.
*I sometimes offer up my icons as bases for other people to use, but unless I have it explicitly written that they are open for use, you are not allowed to edit them.
*NO HOTLINKING. DO NOT STEAL MY BANDWIDTH. I use photobucket to store my pictures--it works great for me, it can work great for you. To register is free, uploading photos is easy, and even if you hate photobucket, there are a lot of other sites you can use to store graphics. And just ask if you don't know how--I didn't know how for a while, either, and that's all it took.
*Other than that, enjoy my crap.


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